We bring out the best in people.

What We Do


We offer cutting edge coaching and consulting programs that are designed to help individuals, teams and companies step into their full potential. The work we do hinges on our desire to bring out the very best in our clients. We drive them to tap into their superpowers and take their performance to new heights. Our team will help your leaders reduce self-doubt, enhance awareness, make smarter decisions, influence gracefully and develop stronger relationships.

Our Clients

The companies we work with are mid-size, fast-growth businesses. They see the value in investing in programs that develop and engage their people and they believe in the power of human potential.

We specialize is working with rising leaders. Most often these individuals are directors, VPs and departments heads interested in, or are ascending to, senior leadership and c-suite positions.


Shape the future of leadership.


We believe that people matter. Companies are full of well-intentioned leaders who want their teams and companies to be great, but lack the resources to make it happen. Our life mission is to provide the insight and tools that make individuals - and organizations - great.


Kelsey Meyer Schalkle, M.S. | leadership Coach, Facilitator + Speaker

Kelsey Meyer Schalkle is an experienced coach, consultant, and facilitator with nearly a decade of work for Fortune 100 companies like Target, Mondelēz International, and Ernst & Young.  Her passion is in helping leaders make business-driven decisions and address conflict with confidence.

Kelsey mixes intelligence, expertise, and energy in her work, helping leaders and teams take their work – and lives – to the next level.

She loves to partner with clients seeking meaningful change and has expertise in coaching, consulting, and speaking on leadership development, career crafting, entrepreneurship, women in leadership, transition & on-boarding, cultural dexterity, and conflict management.

lisa wocken, M.A. | program development consultant

Lisa Wocken works as a leadership development coach and consultant.  She focuses on helping your desired venture take on realistic pathways toward implementation, by partnering with you on addressing your big idea and your personal role in bringing it to life. Whether you want to build effective communication across your leadership team, start your own business, or launch a long-awaited life goal – her specialization is helping you go from dream to reality.

Wocken holds a Master’s in Leadership, an Executive Coaching Certificate, and has spent the last ten years studying, researching, and facilitating leadership development in both an academic and business setting for individuals and groups.


Kelly Sun, M.A. | relationships educator

Kelly's passionate about teaching skills for improving relationships. Her formal coursework in marriage and family education combined with her experience leading relationship retreats culminate in her interpersonal expertise.