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We offer cutting edge coaching and consulting programs that are designed to help individuals, teams and companies step into their full potential.


Raise the bar.

You want to take your leadership skills to the next level. We are here to help you. Our coaching and consulting services bring out the best in you, in your teams, and in your business.


One-to-One Coaching Program


Our one-to-one coaching system is proven to help leaders discover how to build on their strengths, overcome hurdles and ascend with confidence to the next level in their career. Rising leaders will have hands-on support to work through their needs in a safe space that allows them to explore themselves and their unique leadership style.

Clients can expect to...

Increase awareness
Discover hidden super powers
Identify derailers
Improve communication
Strengthen relationships
Make smarter, faster decisions
Prioritize what is most important


Team Development Program

Our team development program is ideal for leaders who want their teams to be the very best. Through a combination of group and individual coaching, team members will learn how to work together with ease, overcome shared obstacles and tap into individual talents.


Teams can expect to...

Develop new ways of working together

Improve communication

Discover and tap into individual talents

Make decisions faster

Produce more, in less time

Boost morale

Leadership Development Program

The Leadership Development program is a cross-company cohort of high potential leaders who grow - individually and collectively - as they prepare for the next level. Our structured program combines individual and group coaching to rising leaders and is designed to be a long-lasting initiative for current and future company leaders.

Participants can expect to...

Discover hidden super powers

Identify derailers

Make faster, smarter decisions

Strengthen relationships

Improve communication

Prioritize what matters most

Companies can expect to...

Increase engagement, especially among top performers

Improve talent retention

Tap into undiscovered skills and abilities

Strengthen cross-functional communication

Produce more in less time

Identify talent for succession planning

At Leadership Launch, we believe in the fusion of mindset and action, both are essential to lasting change. Changing your mindset alone will not create new behavior. Change requires an action plan to put your mindset to work.

We jumpstart change in your organization with a three step approach: First, define a vision. Second, identify support, strengths, and gaps. And finally, build a plan. The simplicity in this approach is what allows us to focus on the hard part: the change itself.

Of course, none of this works without giving attention to you, the person behind the leader. We focus on your work/life balance, your happiness and your personal goals. This holistic approach ensures the success of the organization, the team, and the individual. And this is the recipe to lasting success.